About Electrionic Designs

Electronic Designs is the online portfolio for a web designer and developer based in Sussex. Fully qualified in web design and development and am proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL and Javascript.

My interest in web design started during school when I was 11. Introduced to Yahoo’s Geocities web building tools, I was immediately taken in by the world of web design. After a matter of weeks I felt I had exhausted the web building tool, so decided to start self teaching myself HTML. This continued for many years, while I learnt other languages and still during school I started to do the odd bit of freelancing. Enjoying every bit of work I did for the web, I knew it was the right career choice for me.

After college I decided to put myself through a web design and development course through the Open University, all the while doing more freelance work on the side. I am now working full time for House Of Gizmo, as their head of web development. My developing and design experience now consists of various web based applications, some examples being a newsletter generator, custom forum, member system and a returns database – As well as numerous web design projects for numerous ecommerce systems and charity organisations.

My designs take their inspiration from all aspects from the web, as well as all other forms of media. A hobby and interest of mine is graphic design, and as such I have previously designed newspaper and magazine adverts, business cards and promotions leaflets and letters through this hobby. My tools of choice is the Adobe CS Suite and PHP Designer.